Urgent Question on post-Grenfell safety tests

On February 5th I asked the Housing Minister a question about post-Grenfell safety tests on tower blocks. You can watch the question here.

I said:

The Minister says that he is “in conversation” with a number of councils. After Grenfell, the Secretary of State said that ​he would leave no stone unturned and take every precaution in relation to anyone living in a building with similar cladding. On 22 June, the Prime Minister said that every resource would be made available. Why is the Minister still “in conversation”? Why is he not providing the funds? Why is it possible that there could be another Grenfell in this country tonight?

Of the 300 tower blocks declared unsafe following fire safety tests in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, only three have been refurbished. Last year the Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government said that the Government will provide the necessary resources to ensure that any necessary refurbishment can be undertaken however this is clearly not the case now.

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