PMQ - Drugs, knife crime and gang violence

At Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday 31st January I asked a question about knife crime and the impact that cuts to border forces and police cuts are having on the ability of our police to crackdown on gangsters and organised crime:

Last Sunday in my constituency, Reece Oduleye-Waters, who was just 17, was stabbed, with life-changing results. The knife crime that is happening across our country is not being driven by minors and young people; it is being driven by gangsters, organised criminals, and dirty money. Cocaine alone is worth £12 billion to the market in this country, with 100 tonnes of it crossing our borders. So I ask the Minister this: why are we cutting our border force, why are we cutting our police, and why has London been offered, in the violence reduction strategy, a community fund of only half a million pounds? No one could buy a house for half a million in London.

You can watch a clip of my question and the response here.

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