Amendment 7 - Parliament taking back control

On Wednesday 13th December I was spoke in support of and voted for Amendment 7 to the EU Withdrawal Bill, an amendment that I co-sponsored alongside MPs from across political parties, requiring that Parliament has a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal before it is approved by the European Parliament.

A number of Conservative MPs voted against the Government Whip, delivering a victory for parliamentary sovereignty. I applaud these MPs who stuck to their principles and remembered the importance of parliamentary sovereignty. A fait accompli vote after the deal has been done, giving Parliament a vote between a deal or no deal would be utterly meaningless.

As I said during the debate:

"In relation to having that meaningful vote prior to the Prime Minister making the deal, it is very important if we are to keep the country together that the Prime Minister when making that agreement has in the back of her mind that "I have to get this through my Parliament", in order to pull that off".

I also spoke just before the House of Commons voted on Amendment 7. You can watch my speech here. I said.

"I applaud Members opposite who are standing by their principles and remembering the importance of coming back to a debate in this House. We may have had a discussion about what is meaningful, but I think we all know what is meaningless - and that would be to have a debate in this House and a vote after the decision is made. I hope that we find after the vote that we have given back sovereignty to the UK Parliament."

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