Adjournment debate on the case of Abdulkarim Boudiaf

On Monday 11th December I secured an adjournment debate on the case of Abdulkarim Boudiaf, my constituent who was callously murdered in 2009 whilst enjoying a night out with friends. His family are still fighting for justice and his killer is still walking the streets as a free man. As Members of Parliament we are first and foremost representatives of our constituents, and it is on behalf of the Boudiaf family that I spoke. You can read my speech here, and read more about the case here.

Commenting on the case, I said:

8 years after he was murdered the killer of my constituent Abdulkarim Boudiaf is still a free man. As well as grieving for their lost son, the Boudiaf family have suffered in the knowledge that the man who gunned down their son has not been brought to justice.

With echoes of the case of Stephen Lawrence, this Muslim family have expressed their concern that their ethnicity may have played a factor in the way in which the police carried out their investigations and the lack of communication between the state and the family about why the initial prosecution failed and what steps are being taken to secure a conviction.

In the context of austerity, spending cuts and the Met cutting staff and closing police stations it is deeply concerning that our police service does not have the resources it needs to actively investigate open cases, even in a brutal murder case like this. The pressures on police resources across the country must be addressed so that the police can investigate open cases and bring criminals to justice.

Justice has not been done in this case and the evidence suggests that the Government need to review how the double jeopardy rule works in practice and whether this rule is actually preventing miscarriages of justice from being overturned. Very few acquittals are appealed and the overwhelming retrials result in convictions, so I am calling on the Government to review double jeopardy and consider how circumstances such as witness intimidation can be taken into account so that justice can be served, those guilty of crimes do not walk free and other families of victims do not have to suffer as the Boudiafs have.

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