Grenfell survivors campaign

On 1st December, I published a statement supporting the campaign by Grenfell survivors and bereaved families for changes to be made to the manner in which the public inquiry is being carried out, including the appointment of a panel of advisors that better reflect the experiences and lives of the residents of Grenfell Tower.

I said:

This public inquiry can only be legitimate if the Grenfell survivors and relatives of those who have died have the utmost confidence in the process and faith that it is impartial, fair and will pull no punches in getting to the truth.

It is right and just that a panel is appointed to sit alongside the chair and that this panel is comprised of people who better reflect the lives and experiences of the people who lived in Grenfell Tower.

We cannot afford for this inquiry to be perceived as a whitewash, or for survivors and families to feel like the inquiry is being led in a manner that feels distant, unresponsive to and detached from their concerns.

It is the chair’s responsibility to hold those in power to account on behalf of those who lost their lives, homes and loved ones that night in June. In order for this inquiry to fulfil this crucial role, the lawyers representing the survivors and those bereaved families must be able to question the witnesses.

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