Revealing Grenfell rehousing failures

On Monday (6th November) I published answers to Parliamentary Questions that I tabled to the Department for Communities and Local Government showing that:

- Only 26 of the 202 households that lost their homes in the fire 5 months ago are living in permanent homes

- 130 households are still living in bed and breakfasts and hotels

- The Government refused to tell me how many children are still living in bed and breakfasts and hotels

You can read the answers to my questions in full here and here, and you can read more in the Independent and the Mirror.

I said:

Five months on from the Grenfell Tower fire we are seeing an abject failure by the state to support the survivors of this tragedy.

It is nothing short of a disgrace that 130 households are still living in emergency accommodation in bed and breakfasts. These families have been failed by the state time and time again and it should be a source of shame for the Government and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea that so many of these families will be spending Christmas in a bed and breakfast.

It is totally unacceptable that only one in eight families have been rehoused in permanent accommodation, and it is clear that the RBKC and DCLG teams responsible for supporting and rehousing Grenfell Tower residents are totally unfit for purpose.

The information I am picking up from people working on the ground, together with the fact that only around a quarter of households have accepted permanent accommodation, clearly tells us that the Council is moving far too slowly and that when offers are being made they are being turned down because they are unsuitable or away from workplaces, schools and support networks in North Kensington.

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