Rohingya debate

On Tuesday 17th October I spoke in the debate on the Rohingya people and the Myanamar Government.

I criticised the response of our Government and of the international community as a whole to the ethnic cleansing going on in Myanmar:

"On issues of human rights in recent times, the global north has been very long on rhetoric and very short on action... Is there a crisis in our own country, because as we tun inwards, with huge concern about immigration, we turn away from the refugees fleeing atrocities across the world.

This country was at the centre of the UN Declaration of Human Rights in the first place. There is a moral responsibility in this House and on this Government to lead the charge across the world as we see human rights in crisis. This needs strong condemnation and a country aware of its own history. This is a moment to stand up bravely for human rights."

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