Race Disparity Audit - my response

On Tuesday 10th October the Government published its race disparity audit that revealed deeply ingrained disparities.

I did a number of media interviews to set out my response to the audit, and as I told The Guardian: "We simply can't let this racial disparity audit bring forth more talking shops. We've had a lot of talk, it's now time for action."

I told BBC News: "There isn't anything new here - we know the issues particularly in education and the labour market. So the real question is action - what now happens as a result of this to change the record that has been playing all of my life?"

On Tuesday 10th October, in my capacity as Chair of the Race All-Party Parliamentary Group, I also launched Intersecting Inequalities: the impact of austerity on BME women in the UK, a report by the Runnymede Trust and the Women's Budget Group which found that austerity has hit BME households and women particularly hard since 2010.

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