Calling on the police to seize Grenfell documents and evidence

On Sunday 18th June I called on the Prime Minister and the Metropolitan Police Service to take urgent action to ensure that all documents relevant to the Grenfell Tower fire criminal investigation are protected.

I said:

The Prime Minister has failed to provide the required leadership in recent days and there is real and justifiable anger within the community. But this is not about the Prime Minister’s character, this is about the injustices that caused the Glenfell Fire and the action we need to see now to secure justice for those who are suffering. Within the community, trust in the authorities is falling through the floor and a suspicion of a cover-up is rising.

The Prime Minister needs to act immediately to ensure that all evidence is protected so that everyone culpable for what happened at Grenfell Tower is held to account and feels the full force of the law. We need urgent action now to make sure that all records and documents relating to the refurbishment and management of Grenfell Tower are protected. The victims and families of Grenfell Tower need justice, and justice can only be done if we preserve all these records – we need to make sure that the emails, minutes of meetings, correspondence with contractors, safety assessments, specifications and reports are not destroyed.

When the truth comes out about this tragedy we may find that there is blood on the hands of a number of organisations. At this stage, it is my grave concern that the families of Grenfell Tower will not get justice if documents are being quietly destroyed and shredded and emails are being deleted.

I spoke to Sky News about this, and you can watch a clip from my interview here.

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