London Evening Standard article on London and Brexit

On Monday (20th March) I wrote an article for the London Evening Standard discussing the impact of Brexit on London and how the capital should react to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union: London must look to be a city-state if hard Brexit goes ahead.

Hard Brexit puts London's future at risk and we must look to become a city state.

To borrow the Prime Minister’s favourite phrase, now is not the time for London to foot the bill for this hardest of all hard Brexits.

London finds itself increasingly constrained by — and at odds with — the policies and priorities of our central Government, so it is perfectly rational to consider more radical proposals than piecemeal devolution.

The Government won't fight for London's interests so we must fight to protect our city's strength and future prosperity. London's status as a global city depends on rejecting Brexit's small-town conservatism, resurgent nationalism and anti-immigrant sentiment.

But as things go pear-shaped, there is a way out of this and nothing should be off the table when it comes to protecting the strength and future prosperity of our capital.

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