Article 50 - Committee Stage

I tabled two amendments (and signed well over 100 others) to the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill for the Committee Stage.

On Tuesday 7th February I co-sponsored and voted in favour of New Clause 110 to the Bill

My amendments were as follows:

1) The vote in Parliament on the "final deal" that the Government negotiates with the EU27 must include the option to retain our membership and remain within the EU. This vote in March 2019 must not be a choice between a bad deal or no deal - an outcome which would result in us leaving the EU and falling back on World Trade Organisation trading rules.

2) The Prime Minister must guarantee that access to our NHS for foreign companies must not be up for discussion when the Government is negotiating trade deals.The Prime Minister does not have the right to sell off our NHS to the highest bidder when negotiating trade deals.

You can read the amendments in full (Amendments 20 & 21) on pages 51 and 52 on the Notice of Amendments here.

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