Supreme Court decision article

On Tuesday 24th January the Supreme Court ruled that the Government must seek the approval of Parliament before triggering Article 50 and beginning the Brexit process.

I released the following statement:

"It was absolutely absurd for an unelected Prime Minister and her Cabinet to think that they had the power to trigger to trigger Article 50 without even consulting our sovereign Parliament.

The Government alone cannot interpret what the referendum result means and where we go from here - they have to bring forward legislation that will be scrutinised and debated by Parliament.

It is individual Members of Parliament who are democratically accountable to the electorate at the ballot box and the Government must not try and steamroll legislation through Parliament. What happens next will define the future of our country for generations, and there is too much at stake".

I also wrote an article for The Independent: "Our democracy is being gradually chipped away. That's why the Supreme Court judgement is so important".

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