Article on apprenticeships cuts

On 12th November I wrote an article for FE Week about the Government's cuts to apprenticeship funding.

"It's time for the Government to come clean about apprenticeships cuts. The young people of this country deserve better.

Even after a recent u-turn 9 out of the 10 most popular apprenticeships still face cuts ranging from 14 to 51 per cent.

These cuts will hit young people in constituencies like mine, where youth unemployment is high, skilled jobs are hard to come by and buzzwords like “life chances” and “social mobility” couldn’t be further removed from the reality of everyday life.

The government publishes statements saying that “apprenticeships transform lives and are vital in making this a country that works for everyone” while simultaneously dismantling apprenticeships funding.

There is a huge gulf between rhetoric and reality, and it is always working class young people who lose out. My message is clear: the fight goes on."

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