Mulberry Primary School

On Friday 21st October I was delighted to visit Mulberry Primary School to mark Black History Month, where I spoke at the school assembly and discussed my role in Parliament and how I became a MP.

I was pleased to hear that some of the pupils have set their sights on attending some of our country;s top universities and were very keen to learn about politics and how they can they become more involved in politics?

It was a pleasure to tour the school and see the children taking part in their lessons. I also enjoyed visiting the school's autism centre, where children with ASD can develop their academic skills whilst receiving specialist support.

Mulberry Primary School is one of the largest primary schools in Haringey, and it is clear to me that the school embraces and celebrates all of the different cultures that make up our borough.

Thank you to the staff and pupils for welcoming me and I look forward to visiting the school again soon.

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