Chat with Tottenham and Wood Green Pensioners Action Group

On the 13th of September I had the opportunity to once again meet with my friends at the Tottenham and Wood Green Pensioners Action Group. I always enjoy meeting this dynamic group and this visit was no exception, when I very much enjoyed hearing more about which issues are most important to my constituents and answering questions on how I am helping to make these concerns heard in Parliament.

We covered it all, from how Brexit is negatively affecting the borough, to the housing crisis and the recent upswing in violent crime. I shared my concerns for the interests of my constituents given the inevitable recession that will follow the decision to leave the EU. When money is tight, it is welfare programs that see spending cuts from the Government, and it is people like my constituents in Tottenham who will bear the brunt of that burden. I reassured the members of the Tottenham and Wood Green Pensioners Action Group that I would continue to stand up for my constituents in Parliament against Brexit.

Thank you all for welcoming me and for raising your questions and concerns to help me continue to represent the interests of the people of Tottenham.

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