Today I led a group of 55 Labour MP's in opposition to the Government's devastating cuts to apprenticeships funding, cuts that will see apprenticeship funding for 16-18 year olds cut by around 30%, rising to 50% in the most deprived areas of the country - including Tottenham.

These cuts are a direct attack on social mobility and a direct attack on the life chances of young people from working class, low income and disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Government talk about social justice and helping people from disadvantaged and low income backgrounds to get on in life, but time and time again they take from the poor and give to the rich and yet again it is working class kids bearing the brunt of austerity.

You can read my letter to Apprenticeships and Skills Minister Robert Halfon MP in full below.

The letter and my campaign was also covered by The Guardian, The Independent, The Mirror and FE Week.

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