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On Thursday I was interviewed on the BBC's Daily Politics about Brexit and a potential second referendum on our membership of the European Union, which will be debated in Parliament in September following a petition that secured over 4 million signatures.

Commenting on the petition and a possible second referendum, I said: "This is a record number of any petition we have had. There is no plan. When we hear 'Brexit means Brexit', it is absolutely not clear what the plan is.

There are a number of remorseful Leave voters who say we're not going to get £350 million per week, how can you get free trade without free movement? So on that basis, those that have signed the petition say 'actually can we have a second referendum on the plan if one emerges?'.

On the issue of whether Parliament should vote before we invoked Article 50 and trigger Brexit I said:

"My primary view is actually that it should come back to Parliament. My primary view is that there should be no Article 50 without Parliament acting but ultimately the plan has to either come back to Parliament or back to the people. You cannot describe a vote in which 67% of those eligible to take part did not vote for it as decisive. 16m did not vote. 13m stayed at home so I imagine tey like the status quo. A larger chunk of the country did not go for this. The economy is going south. We have no trade deals with any other country and it will take us quite a long time to negotiate them. Let us pause. Let us reflect. Let us think very carefully about the future of this country".

You can watch the full interview on BBC iPlayer here (from 51:50 onwards), and a short clip of my interview here.

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