Comment on letter to the PM from 1,000 lawyers

Today over 1,000 lawyers have signed a letter to the Prime Minister declaring that the result of the EU referendum is advisory and non-binding. The letter also argues that primary legislation will need to be enacted before Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is invoked to trigger Brexit, meaning that Parliament will have to vote on whether or not to go ahead with Brexit.

As I told The Independent:

"In our democracy parliament is sovereign - we do not have government by referenda or plebiscite.

Whoever replaces David Cameron a Prime Minister will have to seek the approval of Parliament before any move is made to invoke Article 50 and trigger Brexit.

I'm absolutely clear that in the best interests of my constituents and of the nation as a whole I will be voting against the invoking of Article 50 when it comes before Parliament and I know that many of my colleagues share the same view".

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