BBC This Week

On Thursday evening I was the 'Guest of the Week' on BBC's This Week.

The main topic of discussion was the publication of the Chilcot Inquiry into Britain's involvement in the Iraq War.

I said: "I have voted against all military action since Iraq. I felt so let down by an intelligence service that was not properly scrutinised at the time... Some of the complaints about weaponry and equipment is unforgivable".

I also discussed the situation of EU citizens currently living in the UK, following a debate in Parliament on Thursday and the passage of a motion calling on the Government to urgently commit to giving EU nationals currently living in the UK the right to remain in this country.

I said: "It's horrible. The insecurity for expat Brits abroad and domestic EU citizens is awful, not knowing your future".

I was also asked about Nigel Farage, who announced that he will be standing down as leader of UKIP this week.

I said: "We have had a week of the most awful xenophobia, racism and terrible hate crimes. And I've got to say that there is a great danger when mainstream politicians line up with the hard right - this is what happens. Nigel Farage - I hope we've seen the back of him - he has been a pollutant to our politics".

You can watch the show on BBC iPlayer here.

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