BBC White Paper Question and Statement

On Thursday the Government published its White Paper on the BBC Charter.

The Government's announcement that diversity will be enshrined in the Charter as one of the BBC's Public Purposes is welcome news and is a vital first step in ensuring that the BBC reflects and represents its audience both in terms of on-screen portrayal and off-screen in the BBC's workforce - from the newsroom right up to the boardroom.

It is time that the BBC's founding mission was updated so that it becomes "to inform, educate, entertain and reflect", and today's announcement is a clear victory for campaigners who have long been calling on the BBC to make good on years of good intentions.

In the House of Commons I asked the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport John Whittingdale MP the following question:

"I welcome the Secretary of State's historic decision to make diversity a public purpose; I congratulate him on that... Does the Secretary of State agree, however, that diversity will need funds? I hope that the BBC will allocate the appropriate funds to ensure that diversity is delivered, both on and off screen".

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