Sadiq Khan Mayoral election victory

I was absolutely delighted to be at City Hall on Friday as my Labour colleague Sadiq Khan MP was elected as the Mayor of London by an overwhelming majority.

I told The Independent that voters had reacted against a divisive campaign that was laden with smear: "Right across London, black white and brown have gone out and voted for unity... It's an extraordinary moment. One we can all delight in whatever our political party... Right across the world they will be talking about this election result. It's a global moment."

I appeared on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Saturday morning to welcome Sadiq's election, and commented that "If we ever get a Prime Minister of colour it will be because of what Sadiq Khan has achieved. Sadiq is a grafter, he is someone who gets on with people, he is someone who is pragmatic when he needs to be and he certainly has a vision for this city".

My comments were also reported by The Observer, London Evening Standard, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, BBC News, The Voice, LabourList and International Business Times.

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