Murnaghan Paper Review

On Sunday morning I appeared on the Murnaghan show on Sky News to review the Sunday newspapers alongside Bonnie Greer and Nus Ghani MP.

Discussing Zac Goldsmith's campaign I said "I'm really pleased London rejected it and I suspect we will never see a campaign like that in London again".

Commenting on Sadiq Khan's article in The Observer, in which Sadiq argued that Labour has to be a "big tent that appeals to everyone not just its activists", I welcomed Sadiq's argument and stressed that in London Labour won because the campaign emphasised mainstream issues such as housing and looked outwards and avoided alienating the electorate through in-fighting.

The issue of BBC Charter Renewal was also raised, and I stated that "the bad blood we are seeing between Culture Minister John Whittingdale and the BBC is unprecedented... the pre-briefing we are seeing is very threatening to an institution that is loved".

My comments were also reported by The Guardian, The Mirror, Daily Mail and Huffington Post.

You can watch the full interview here.

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