The Times interview

Yesterday The Times published an interview in which I discussed my ongoing independent review into evidence of racial bias in our criminal justice system: Race review MP criticises the absence of black police chiefs.

One of my major concerns is the lack of black police chief among the 43 forces in England and Wales which I told The Times is "bringing the system into disrepute" and is "deeply problematic".

I am concerned that our police forces do not reflect the people that they are protecting: “We have policing by consent. That requires every citizen to stand alongside the police. So for practical reasons alone, we have to have police who reflect and look like the community.

In the article I also quoted a Muslim offender from Bradford, who previously told me: “The solicitor was white, the prosecutor and barrister were white, the jury was white, the judge was white, the prison governor was white and all the prison guards.”

The article goes on to say: In January, Mr Cameron highlighted that young black men were more likely to be in prison than in a top university and demanded to know why black criminals were given harsher sentences than white offenders.

The review’s consultation is now open, and evidence can be submitted here.

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