BBC Radio London Interview

On Wednesday morning, I spoke with Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio London about the terrible effects of high street betting shops and fixed-odds machines.

All over London, high streets are becoming casinos and more regulation is needed. In Tottenham alone, there are more than 65 betting shops.

New regulations mean that betting shops will have to share information on problem gamblers that have self-excluded themselves from gambling, and shops will also have to conduct a local risk assessment to ensure that the young and vulnerable are protected.

These measures are a start but I believe much more needs to be done to reduce the power of book makers and provide a safety net for gambling addicts. I told Vanessa that reducing the number of betting shops and lowering the stakes of fixed odds betting machines would be more effective ways to combat the issue than light touch regulation that will change very little.

To hear the whole interview listen to Vanessa’s programme from 1:37 onwards here.

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