Speech on Sunday Trading

Earlier today I spoke in the House of Commons in opposition to the government’s plans to relax Sunday trading laws.

During my speech I stated the main reasons for my opposition to the government’s plans:

“My primary concerns are two-fold. First, the protection of family life… Why is it in this country this government thinks that we should put the free market above everything else? It is conservative to protect the family and it is worth protecting.

“And then the second point, what is the face of the people that we will be asking to go out and work. Think of those security guards now being driven to work on a Sunday. Think of the cleaners. Think of those stacking shelves. They are the face of my constituents”.

You can watch a video of my speech here.

I was pleased to have put my name to an amendment tabled by David Burrowes MP to overturn the government’s Sunday trading plans and subsequently vote in favour of this amendment as the government was defeated by 317 to 286 – a significant defeat by a comfortable majority of 31.

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