Chanukah Event

Last week, I was once again proud to co-host the annual celebrations of the Jewish festival of Chanukah at my dear friend Shmuel Davidsohn’s house in Tottenham.

The Jewish community is deeply valued in Tottenham as one of the area’s oldest, having been a part of the local cultural fabric for over a century. The joyous occasion saw councillors, colleagues, friends and family join together to enjoy a beautifully lunch prepared by Mr Davidsohn’s family.

It was, as always, a warm and engaging atmosphere as we celebrated the long standing contributions to the constituency by the Jewish community, as well as recognising the importance of diversity and togetherness. It was a privilege to be invited to light the first of the Chanukah candles.

I would like to extend my thanks to Shmuel, his family, and the wider community for the wonderful experience and continued support in Tottenham.

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