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Welcome to my website. Here you find out all of the latest news from Tottenham & Westminster (scroll down). You can find out about my background and my childhood in Tottenham. You can find out about my priorities in Tottenham and in Parliament over the next year. If you are interested in reading my speeches and articles, please see my on the record page. If you are interested in viewing my videos, please visit my online TV channel.

If you are a constituent and want my help or wish to see me at my next surgery, please visit my advice page. If you are a constituent and want me to vote a certain way or want me to write a letter to a minister about an issue you care about, please visit my contact page.


Image Coming SoonSpeech on Syria
[ 29 AUG 2013 ]

Image Coming SoonLetter to Teresa May on 'Go home' vans
[ 09 AUG 2013 ]

2,500 fewer Police Officers and PCSOs in London today than on eve of the riots
[ 06 AUG 2013 ]

"Eric Pickles has treated riot victims as if they do not exist" - an article for the Guardian
[ 06 AUG 2013 ]

Image Coming SoonSave Antwerp Arms Pub
[ 05 AUG 2013 ]

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