Floods in Guyana

Monday, 14 February 2005
In response to recent floods in Guyana, David Lammy said: "Guyana is incredibly close to my heart. My parents were both born in Guyana, and I continue to maintain close links to the country and visit as often as I can. "As you will know, over the past few weeks heavy rains have caused devastating floods across Guyana with 250,000 people made homeless in Georgetown alone. Sadly these floods have gone largely un-reported in the British media and events like the concert today are crucial in helping to make the British public aware of Guyana and problems the country is currently facing. "I am pleased to say that my colleagues in the British Government have been helping with the relief efforts by paying for 6 lifeboats staffed by specially trained British volunteers to help with movement and emergency planning in flood-affected areas, and also with training local Guyanese lifeguards who will take over the operation of the lifeboats within the next few days. "Thankfully the flood waters have finally started to recede, however while the threat of flooding is falling, there are growing fears about the threat posed by disease, particularly malaria and dengue, in the aftermath of the floods. "I am sure many of you will have been moved to donate generously following the Tsunami disaster that hit the Indian Ocean on Boxing Day, but again I urge you to make a donation to the Guyana Flood Disaster Fund to help support those who have been affected by the flooding."

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