This page is designed to point you in the right direction for help and advice from David Lammy MP's office. David and his team are incredibly busy so please read this page before contacting us.
Strict Parliamentary protocol states that MPs are only allowed to take up cases on behalf of their own constituents. Please check whether you are a constituent using the constituency locator service.

If you are a constituent, David may be able to help if you are having problems with a government body or institution providing public services such as HM Revenue and Customs, NHS England, the Department for Work and Pensions, UK Visas and Immigration etc.

David isn’t able to help personally with disputes between individuals and a private company, ongoing legal cases and overturning decisions made by the courts; for issues in which he can’t get involved, David may be able to put in touch with an organisation that will give you support and advice.
You can e-mail David with constituency matters at, fax him on 020 7219 0357 or write to him at: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

If you contact David please do ensure you always include your full name; your home address including postcode; your contact telephone number; any relevant reference numbers (such as a national insurance number or complaint number).
David and his team aim to deal with all cases within two weeks though urgent cases are prioritised.
If you would like to know more about David’s work in Tottenham, sign up to his fortnightly e-newsletter:

Please use one of the links below to found out more:



Immigration Matters

If you are requesting assistance with an ongoing immigration matter you will need to download  the following form:

Immigration Information Form 

Please send the completed form with copies of any relevant documents to:
David Lammy MP
House of Commons
If David needs more information once he has received the forms, his team will contact you to make an appointment. However, if he has all the necessary information he will be able to take up your case without you waiting for an appointment.

To open these files you may need to download Adobe Reader.

Housing Matters

If you have enquiries about being housed by Haringey Council, please contact one of your local councillors first. Your Councillor has been directly elected to represent people in your area to Haringey Council. If you are unsure who your local Councillors are, please visit the Haringey website and enter your postcode [link] .
Please note that if you have exhausted the Council’s complaints procedure you may wish to consider contacting the Local Government Ombudsman scheme.
If you have pursued your case with your local Councillor but are still unhappy, you can still ask for David’s help in certain cases. Please download the following form: 

Housing Information Sheet

Please send your completed form with copies of any relevant documents to:

David Lammy MP
House of Commons

Or send it by email to 

If David needs more information once he has received the forms, his team will contact you to make an appointment. However, if he has all the necessary information he will be able to take up your case without you waiting for an appointment. 


David holds regular advice surgeries on the first and third Fridays of each month. These appointments are for constituents only. If you are unsure which constituency you live in, click here. To attend the advice surgery please call the casework line on 0207 219 0767 to book an appointment. Bookings for each surgery will open on the Tuesday before the surgery is held.

Advice surgery appointments are in high demand as many constituents would like to speak to their MP face to face. If you miss an appointment with David without good excuse you will be asked to write to the MP for him to take up your case. 


Registering to Vote

If you are not registered to vote in Tottenham but you live in the constituency, you can download Haringey Council’s registration form and find information on completing this form here.

Please note that David Lammy MP takes no responsibility for the content of external sites.

Tours and School Visits

Parliamentary tour guides take groups of up to 20 around the Palace of Westminster free of charge at these times:

• 09.00-12.00 on Mondays
• 09.00-09.20 and 09.25-12.00 (partial tour) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
• No tours on Thursdays
• 15.30-17.00 on sitting Fridays
• 09.30-17.00 on non-sitting Fridays

To book a tour please contact us providing the preferred date and time of the visit and the names and addresses of all guests.

We regret that tours may only be arranged for constituents. If you are unsure of your local Member of Parliament's details please contact the House of Commons Information Office.

If you are a local school and interested in visiting the House of Commons more information about Parliament's Education Unit can be found here.

Gallery Tickets

Following a ruling by the Speaker of the House of Commons, MPs are now only able to request gallery tickets for people they know personally. Therefore, tickets to ministerial and prime minister’s questions cannot be issued. Sorry for this inconvenience.

It is still possible for members of the public to watch debates from the Strangers’ (Public) Gallery by joining the queue outside St Stephen’s Entrance. A wait of 1 or 2 hours is common during the afternoons. Generally speaking, after ticket holders have left the Gallery and the afternoon queue has been cleared, there is not, except during controversial debates, too much pressure on places in the Gallery. Visitors who wish to minimise waiting times should therefore arrive at about 13.00 or later. The House of Commons Information Office can advise what is to be debated.

The Strangers’ Gallery is open to the public when the House is sitting, which is usually:

• 14.30 - 22.00 or later on Mondays & Tuesdays
• 11.30 - 19.00 on Wednesdays & Thursdays
• 09.30 - 15.00 on sitting Fridays

For information about visiting the Strangers’ Gallery in the House of Lords, please click here.

 Privacy Policy

Any personal information that you give to David Lammy MP will be handled confidentially by the MP, his staff and volunteers in his office, in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. If you would like information about the Data Protection Act 1998, this can be obtained from the Information Commissioner’s Office through their website or advice line 08456 306 060.

David Lammy MP’s office collects personal information that is supplied to him in his role as a Member of Parliament. It includes information supplied by his constituents and others in relation to matters which he has been asked to pursue in the interests of individuals and groups who live in his constituency such as details of specific cases, information provided by signatories on petitions, responses to questionnaires and, if supplied for this purpose, contact details for communicating news and updates.

If you ask David Lammy MP to pursue a matter on your behalf, he will use your information in order to pursue the matter you have raised. His staff and volunteers will normally see this information to find help and advice for you. Your personal and sensitive personal information may be passed to other agencies (such as the Department for Work and Pensions, the CSA, the local Housing Department) if he believes this to be necessary to pursue the matter you have raised with him. He intends that only the minimum possible personal information will be shared with other agencies, as necessary to further your cause.

If you give David Lammy MP personal information about someone other than yourself, he may need to check the facts with that other person. If you ask him to take action on behalf of a friend or relative he may need to contact that person to confirm that they are happy for him to act on their behalf. If you feel it would not be appropriate for the MP to contact the other person, you should discuss this with him when you give him their information.

Please contact David Lammy MP’s office via the Contact Form if you have any queries regarding this privacy policy or how his office handles your information.

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