Response to the Comprehensive Spending Review

Thursday, 28 October 2010

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Responding to reports that 490,000 public sector jobs will go, David Lammy says:

“Tottenham already has the highest unemployment rate in London and the 8th highest in the UK.

“Of the jobs that we have, most are dependent on public funding.

“There was not a single word today on how the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives plan to tackle the jobs crisis that is currently occurring in Haringey.

“Cutting 500,000 public sector jobs is grossly irresponsible.

“These unpalatable and unnecessary cuts will be disastrous for our community. The Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives risk throwing us back to the 1980s, when the frustration and anger that flowed from squandered talent and relentless poverty led to social unrest.

“This Comprehensive Spending Review is balancing forcing the people of Tottenham to pay for the greed and excess of the bankers.”


Responding to the decision by the Liberal Democrat-Conservative coalition to abolish the Train-to-Gain  programme entirely, something that had benefited Tottenham enormously , David Lammy said:

“Adult Education is incredibly important to people in Tottenham. This is a programme that helps thousands in our community to better themselves at any age. It gives adults the facilities to obtain the necessary literary and numeracy skills to compete in an increasingly smaller and skilled job market.

“It seems entirely wrong-headed to remove the service that helps adults retrain and upskill when we are in a downturn.

“This constituency has thousands out of work, with every one of them desperate to get a job and get on in life – why take away one of the key resources that people can use to improve their skills and make themselves more employable?”


Responding to the decision by the Liberal Democrat-Conservative coalition is cutting the Police Budget by 20% over 4 years, David Lammy said:

“This is unacceptable for Haringey.

“Boris Johnson has already cut the Met budget by £16m, leading to 455 Police Officers being lost already – a further 20% cut to policing by the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives is a slap in the face to the residents of Haringey who worry about anti-social behaviour and gang and knife crime that already takes place in the borough.

“Lynne Featherstone and the Liberal Democrats fought the last election on a promise of an extra 3,000 Police Officers on the beat; instead, her government looks like it will cut 18,000 – with up to 6,500 fewer officers and 900 fewer PCSOs in the capital.”

“Today we’ve seen that crime in the UK has fallen by 8% over the last year to the lowest levels for decades – how long can this last if this government is determined to role back the police force?”

“This government says it’s tough on crime, but in fact, today’s decision shows that they are only tough on the fighters of crime.”


Responding to the abolishment of the Education Maintenance Allowance, the fund that allows students from low-income families attend a Further Education College or a 6th Form College by paying a wage of up to £30 a week, David Lammy said:

“This is a callous cut that shows the complete disregard the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives have for social mobility.

“We all know that some families cannot afford to maintain their children whilst they study vocational or academic courses post 16. The Educational Maintenance Allowance removed the ceiling and meant that your families income shouldn’t stop you from studying A-Levels.”

“Thousands of Haringey students receive support in their studies, this decision is a slap in the face for them and their families who want to see their children get on in life.”

“The Liberal Democrats and the Tories have not only put the handbrake on social mobility, they’ve also turned the clock back to a time when A-Levels were studied only by the privileged few who could afford not to look for paid employment.”


Responding to the cuts to the Housing budgets for local councils, David Lammy said:

“Claims to build 150,000 affordable homes are utter tripe given the cuts the government is making in the Communities and Local Government budget.”

“The Tory Mayor of London has already abolished the target to make 50% of new housing projects affordable and now local government is being stripped of all funding to build new council homes.”

“There are already 19,000 households on the housing waiting list in Haringey alone. The proposed number of new affordable homes, if they ever do deliver them, will barely make a dent into the housing crisis.”

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