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Tuesday, 07 December 2010
Today, David Lammy MP published his findings from a 6-month investigation into undergraduate admissions statistics at Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the Guardian newspaper. Making requests under the Freedom of Information Act (2000), David was able to obtain admissions data on Class, Schools, Geography and Race.

MPs are being asked to vote on raising the level of tuition fees from their current £3,250 cap so that Universities like Oxford and Cambridge can charge up to £9,000 p.a. in fees. This vote is being held without any reforms that might mitigate the detrimental effect such high fees may have on widening participation at those institutions.

"The results of my six month investigation into Oxford and Cambridge admissions reveal a system in which getting a place remains a matter of being white, middle class and southern.

“How can MPs allow Oxford and Cambridge to charge £9,000 a year without assurances that these institutions will do more to recruit from every corner, colour and class of this country?"

The data on ethnicity and geography of undergraduate admissions is available here for anyone to analyse [link]

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